Migrating to Bootstrap v3

We are proud to announce we upgraded our themes to use Bootstrap 3!


This upgrade is valid for the following Bind Tuning themes: WePro, Metro, Terra, SampleKit, InvisibleDog, Rrrango, SPC, Flexo, Empower, Interface and Invent (all platforms).

If you purchased your theme before 12.02.2014 you should see the following message in its page details:



From now on, our themes will be delivered with the Bootstrap 3.

If you decide to upgrade your theme, please do it carefully.


Major changes

Since Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3 are not compatible, there are some elements that can be affected after installing the new theme. 

The major changes are in the list bellow. These are CSS classes that has changed. 


Bootstrap 2

Bootstrap 3


.row-fluid .row Create fluid content rows
.span* .col-md-* Create content columns inside rows
.hero-unit .jumbotron Add a showcase key content to your site
.icon/.icon-* .fa/.fa-* Icons (Migration from FontAwesome v3 to v4)
.btn .btn .btn-default Customized buttons (default color)
.btn-mini/.btn-small/.btn-large .btn-xs/.btn-sm/.btn-lg Sized buttons
.bar .progress-bar Progress bars
.accordion .panel-group Accordion widget


For a full item list, read Bootstrap migration guide.


Previous version

If you decide to do the upgrade, we will automatically save your previous theme in case you need to revert. The download will be available in your theme details page.

Note that this doesn't happen in all theme upgrades, but only if the newest version is incompatible with the previous one.


Important note: Themes with manual changes

If you edited your theme manually, please save those changes before installing a new theme version. Otherwise you'll lose them.


If you have any questions or issues, please contact Bind Team by opening an help-desk ticket.

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    What's the proper way to save a theme before upgrading to Bootstrap 3?  Does saving a theme include saving all page templates I have created based on the theme?


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    Ana Sampaio

    We advise you to save the page templates - as well as masterpages, page layouts (if applicable) and CSS files.

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