I just purchased a license for a theme, how can I download it?

After purchase you'll have immediate access to request your custom theme. Since all BindTuning themes are customizable, you must first go to the Builder tool prior to downloading.

When you create a new theme using BindTuning, you can pretty much customize every branding detail, from colors to backgrounds and fonts! In this article, we'll show you how to create a custom theme using the BindTuning customization engine.

Downloading a BindTuning theme

  1. Start by logging in to your account at bindtuning.com. From your account, click on "Themes", on the top navigation, to access the theme’s gallery.

  2. From the theme’s gallery, select the platform for which you have purchase the license, by clicking on the platforms arrow on the top navigation.

    Info: You may already have a platform selected. Check if it’s the same platform for which you have purchased the license.
  3. Scroll down and look for the theme for which you have purchased the license. Mouse hover the theme and click on "Live Preview", so you can open the builder.

    Info: You can also click on "View details", it will take you to the theme’s details page. Inside that page you will also find a "Live Preview" button that will also take you to the builder.
  4. You are now inside the builder where you can customize your theme.
  5. When you’re done, click on the "Get theme".
  6. Choose a name for your theme and click "Next".
  7. At this point you should already be able to see a list of your available licenses. Select the one you want to use and click on "Get theme".

You will be directed to your account, and after a few minutes your theme will be ready for download so hang on tight!

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  • Avatar
    Raha Amirchermahini

    Hi dear beatriz

    thanks for sharing useful tutorials video about orchard theming

    please take a look at             http://mehren.sitecloud.cytanium.com         if you have free time  and guide me how to set the bing translator in the right side bar 

    I can't set any block in the sidebar 

    please help how to set a div block in the right side bar in this theme

    GReat thanks

    Best Regards :


  • Avatar
    Beatriz Oliveira

    Hi Raha, here are the zones available in the Metro theme for Orchard:


    For sidebar layouts in Metro, you can additionally use the "Messages" zone (left sidebar).

  • Avatar
    Raha Amirchermahini

    Dear Beatriz 

    I'm really thanks you 

    again and again and again 

    askin a question :

    how we can create collapse accordion that when we reload the page all accordion be in collapse instead of expend 

    now first accordion is expend and I want all being in collapse in reloading the page ?

    and then what about submenu 

    I create the  H navigation  now 

    but how can I add to my mehrmagazin menu som submenu ?

    great thanks

    Best regards :


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