Submenu items not being displayed

In case your navigation subitems are not being displayed, this may be caused due to a duplicate jQuery call.

Open your browser's developer tools and inspect the console. If the following error is displayed, proceed as indicated below:

TypeError: $(...).BindMENU is not a function


  1. Locate the other jQuery reference(s) and remove it, since there can be only one. By default, BindTuning themes already have a jQuery reference to js/jquery.min.js. This reference will be active if no other references are detected. It may occur that modules loading last still add an additional reference, causing the conflict.
  2. Use code var $= jQuery.noConflict(true); to resolve conflicts between versions (Read more about resolving jQuery conflicts).
    To do so, you must edit the theme master page in use, locate .BindMenu(and change as follows

    <script type="text/javascript">
      var $= jQuery.noConflict(true);
      jQuery(function($) {
        $('#MenuH .MenuBar ul.root').BindMENU({ MenuStyle:"DefaultMenu",Orientation:"Horizontal" });
  3. If you have other script files that returning similar errors, add the following encapsulation:

    (function($) {
      //Your code
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