Deploying Sharepoint themes globally

Bind Tuning Sharepoint themes are easily installed globally as farm solutions. 
Each theme includes 2 WSP solutions, and once the two scripts are ran – or the solutions are added and enabled manually – the features will appear for activation on the site settings of each site.

The themes can then be enabled on a site-by-site basis, or by inheriting the look and feel through the “master page” option in the site settings of the root site collection. This last option is the best way to apply the themes.

A quick way to enable/disable the features is to create a powershell script.

These may also be included inside a cycle with retrieved or specified URLs so these actions become automated.

This last option is the best way to apply the themes, because it’s faster and there will be a single CSS file for the whole site collection and editing it will reflect the look and feel of all those sites. It is only available when the “SharePoint Server Publishing” feature is enabled.

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