Menu is not displaying in DNN

We have had some reports of problems when displaying menus in DNN.
If this is your case, please validate if any of the following situations applies to your website. Almost all problems are related to one of the following problems:

Menu disappears in Firefox when page is refreshed

This is actually a known DNN issue. You can read more about it at: and

If the issue happens in DNN5 you can either:


Javascript error on the page

Please validate if your page is returning any Javascript errors. If this is the case, the browser may stop reading the CSS file at some point, and ignore styles related to displaying the menu.

In most cases the javascript error must be solved in order for the menu to be displayed.


Menu disappears after installing DNN 6.0 

DNN 6.0 includes DDRMenu version 1.99.05. If you’re menu is not displaying, you’ll need to install the latest version available of DDRMenu for DNN6.

You can download it at DDRMenu CodePlex page.

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