Empower theme: How to place footer always on bottom

This article is deprecated for Empower version 3.0.0+.
Empower now includes an always on bottom footer by default, no editing necessary.
The following instructions only work for a fixed height footer

By design, Empower's footer is not set to display on the bottom of the screen. You can achieve that behavior by adding the following code to the bottom of your theme's css file:

/* Set footer to display on bottom of the screen */
#Wrapper {position:relative;}
#Outer {padding-bottom:154px; /*adjust as needed*/ }
#CallOutArea {position:absolute; bottom:72px; /*adjust as needed*/ width:100%;}
#FooterArea {position:absolute; bottom:0; width:100%;}
#BgLayer1 {display:block; min-height:auto;}
#BgLayer2, #BgLayer3, #Wrapper {height:100%; width:100%;}

That's all!

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    Peter J

    Could we possibly get this fix for Orchard as well?

  • Avatar
    Beatriz Oliveira

    Hi Peter, this change is not necessary any more.

    You can request an update to your theme by going to: bindtuning.com > my account > my downloads > click to see your theme details > upgrade



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