Using DNN6.2 new User Profile Token

With the release of DNN6.2, a new feature was introduced, increasing functionality for the User Token:


Starting in Bind Tuning v2.0.0, this token is supported.

By default, the legacy version is displayed, but here's how to apply the one to your themes.

  1. Edit your skin's .ascx layout pages
  2. Locate the User token <dnn:USER ID="dnnUser" runat="server" />
  3. Change as follows: <dnn:USER ID="dnnUser" runat="server" LegacyMode="false" />

You're done!

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    i have flexo - is the new token available in that? how do i know which version of Bind tuning I used?

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    Beatriz Oliveira

    Hi Ron, we are updating all our themes actually today/tomorrow for version 2.0.0. and the new version does include this new token.

    You can see your theme's version in the list of DNN extensions.

    My best,


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