Adding a slider in WordPress

To add a slider to your website using BindTuning themes you should proceed as follows.

  1. In Wordpress admin area, start by going to Appearance -> Widgets
  2. To create the slider you will use the Text widget. Select and add it to the corresponding area (e.g. SliderZone).
  3. Once the widget is added to the desired zone, you will have to include the slider code inside that widget, and this can be done in two different ways: 

Option 1 - Using HTML code

Copy the following sample code, and paste it into your Text Widget, previously added to a slider zone. 

<div class="carousel slide" id="myCarousel">
    <!-- Carousel items -->
    <div class="carousel-inner">
            <img src="IMAGE PATH-1">
            <div class="carousel-caption">
                <h4>Meet the new theme</h4>
                <p><a class="btn btn-primary">Learn more</a></p>
            <img src="IMAGE PATH-2">
            <div class="carousel-caption">
                <h4>Meet the new theme</h4>
                <p><a class="btn btn-primary">Learn more</a></p>
    <!-- Carousel nav -->
    <a data-slide="prev" href="#myCarousel" class="carousel-control left"></a>
    <a data-slide="next" href="#myCarousel" class="carousel-control right"></a>

 You can adjust this HTML to your needs.


Option 2 - Using a Shortcode:

  • Start by creating a page or a blog post.
  • On the edit box, click the BindTuning icon, then choose the Slider option.



  • After filling in all the fields, click "Insert".
  • Shortcode code will be added to the edit box, as in the following example:
[slider][slider_img src="IMAGEPATH-1" heading1="Meet the new theme" text="Clean style and extremely flexible" button_text="Learn more" button_link="BTNPATH-1"][slider_img src="IMAGEPATH-2" heading1="Mobile-ready" text="" button_text="Learn more" button_link="BTNPATH-2"][/slider]
  • Copy this code and cancel the creation of the post or page.
  • Paste copied code to the Text Widget 
  • Save




Please note that not all layouts contains an area for slider.

Some BindTuning themes include an area specifically for the slider, typically included in Home layouts.

To select the layout, access Bind Tuning Elements -> Layout & Blog and choose the desired layout.

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