Theme demo content: importing into Drupal

Starting in release X.X.X.2, BindTuning themes are packaged including demo content which can be directly imported into your Drupal website.

IMPORTANT: Your BindTuning theme must be installed and applied to the site, prior to proceeding.


To import demo content into your Drupal website, proceed as follows:

  1. Login to, and go to your account. Download your theme's demo content .zip file:
  2. Extract the zip file to your computer. File is named
  3. The extracted file is an XML file.
  4. Login to your Drupal website as administrator
  5. If you haven’t the node export module installed, it’s mandatory to do so.
    1. To install node export module you should follow the next steps:
    2. Download Universally Unique Identifier(UUID) module
    3. On Drupal select Module and next click ”Install new module”
    4. Upload UUID and click install.
    5. Click “Enable newly module”
    6. Enable “UUID”
    7. Download Node Export module (
    8. On Drupal select Module and next click ”Install new module”
    9. Upload node export and click install.
    10. Click “Enable newly module”
    11. Enable “Node Export”
  6. Click “Add content”
  7. Click Node export: import
  8. At this point you have 2 options for importing content, which we will explain separately.


Option #1 - using "Upload File"

  1. Choose "Upload File" and import your file
  2. Click "Import"


Option #2 - using "Paste Code"

If previous option fails, you can use the "Paste Code" option.

  1. Open the DemoContent.xml copy all content and past to "Paste Code" box
    Note: Demo content just add Pages (content type) to your site

  2. Save


After importing ...

After all content is imported, add the pages to the menu.

  1. Go to Content
  2. For each page to be added to the menu, click Edit
  3. At the bottom you have several options to set. One of these is "Settings Menu". Click on this option and check “Provide a menu link”.
  4. Define the fields for: Menu link title, Description, Item Parent and Weight
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