Assigning a master page to a site/subsites

Note: Make sure to meet all installation pre-requisites before proceeding.

Applying a master page to a site

To apply a BindTuning master page to your site, proceed as follows:

  1. On the ribbon click Settings
  2. Click Site Settings
  3. Under Look and Feel click Master page
  4. Select the desired master page in both drop-downs
  5. Click OK
  6. In Office 365 only a final step is required:
    • Open SharePoint Designer
    • Manually select the master page from _catalogs\masterpage\THEMENAME.master (for both custom/site and system master).
    • The feature should be enabled on the root site for the css references to work properly. If this is not possible, the features can be enabled on a site below, but the references to /Style Library/ within the master page (_catalogs\masterpage\THEMENAME.master) need to be changed to /yoursubtitle/Style Library/.

Applying a master page to all subsites

  1. After step 4. in the previous list, check the two checkboxes Reset all subsites to inherit this site master page setting
  2. In SP2010 check also the css checkbox.
  3. Click OK
This article was updated on May 27, 2015.
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    Bosak, Brian

    If "Master Page" does not appear you can get to the settings via the URL:

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