Why sell on BindTuning?

So you create beautiful themes and templates, and you know how to code them using high-quality HTML/CSS. You even consider yourself a javascript expert. But when it comes to the WCM/ECM world, most likely you are confortable with one or two platforms, like for example WordPress, but being an expert on them all would be an impossible achievement... not anymore!

Based on the concept of build once, deploy everywhere, BindTuning is looking for the most awesome designers, who do amazing work on HTML/CSS/javascript, to help them promote and sell their designs in other platforms by using the BindEngine technology. It's like PhoneGap for themes :)

Develop using standard web technologies

Building themes for each CMS – WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, Office365 and more – requires knowing different frameworks and languages. BindTuning enables you to build cross-platform themes using only standard web technologies in your development - HTML/CSS/Javascript.

Deploy cross-platform themes

The BindTuning Engine empowers you to deploy your themes to over 10 different CMS platforms, supporting both php and .net frameworks, from WordPress to SharePoint. It's the only tool and marketplace supporting cross-platform themes. Build once, deploy everywhere.

Target new markets

Let's say you're already selling your designs for WordPress. How cool would it be to start selling for thousands of other CMS customers, without learning new languages? Using the BindTuning Engine, we can make it happen in minutes!

Make more money

Unlike most theme stores who take the lionshare of your hard work by over 65%, BindTuning splits the proceeds 50/50. If you spend hours and hours creating a theme why should the store get the majority of the proceeds? On the other hand, depending on the CMS, theme price can range from about $50 to over $500 per license. We'll help you make more money!

Keep up-to-date

Responsive is our game, so the BindTuning Engine already includes all the assets you need to use the latest Bootstrap and FontAwesome versions in your themes. And if new versions are released, we automatically update our resources, so your themes are always up-to-date!

Interested? Here's how you can apply to become a seller.

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