How can I report a bug?

BindTuning products are closely monitored and extensively tested, but sometimes issues occur. If you think you have detected a product bug, please report it using the button below.

Please include the following details:

  1. Your BindTuning account username/email
  2. Product name. If it's a theme, please also let us know the custom name you chose for it. 
  3. The link to the specific page on the site that this is happening on. Alternatively, please describe all the steps to reproduce it.
  4. The type of browser you're using
  5. Include screenshots (both of the issue as well as of any errors)

Your request will be added to our issues backlog.
If an issue is identified as a bug, the issue will be listed for further review and we will attempt to include a fix in the next patch or scheduled release. Patches are released based on the extent of the problem, the resources we have available to fix the issue and other priorities already scheduled.

I want to report a bug

Note: We’re not able to support third party plugins, so please do not reports bugs that relate to issues with proprietary modules.
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