Upgrade an APP web part

This article applies to all BindTuning App web part upgrades as follows:
* v2.X.X.X or higher - all web parts except Tiles
* v3.X.X.X or higher - Tiles web part only

For WSP web part upgrades, please refer to this article instead.

You must refer to this article instead, if you are upgrading from:
* v1.X.X to v2.X.X.X - all web parts except Tiles
* v2.X.X to v3.X.X.X - Tiles web part only


  • SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2013+ with the app store configured
  • Global SharePoint Administration rights
  • An active BindTuning web parts subscription or trial

Downloading a new version

  1. Login to your BindTuning account at http://bindtuning.com
  2. On the left panel select My Downloads > Web Parts
  3. Check if an update is available
  4. Enter to view the web part details. Click the Upgrade to version ... button to get the latest web part files.
  5. Proceed to installation

Uploading to the app catalog
per SharePoint instance

The steps in this section need to be done only once per SharePoint instance by a global SharePoint Administrator. After this initial installation, the web parts will become available for installation in each site collection. 

  1. Login to your Office 365 admin center page with an administrator account; select Admin

  2. Open the SharePoint admin center

  3. Select Apps > App Catalog

  4. Open the Apps for SharePoint library

  5. Click Upload

  6. Upload the app file into the library

  7. You may be prompted to replace the existing file on the library; Click yes.

Upgrading the web part
per Site Collection

To upgrade the web part on multiple site collections, simply repeat the following steps on each.

  1. Go to Site Contents on your site collection

  2. Press the ellipsis button on the app and select About

  3. On this page you should see that there is a new version available; Click the Get It button; Wait for the app to finish updating

  4. Once the update is completed, click on the app; Select Update Available

  5. The page will begin re-deploying the web part into your site; Once it’s finished you will have the new version on you site collection.

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