How to create a CAML query

CAML query is supported in BindTuning web parts to map data from external data sources.

Creating a Query

If you’re using SharePoint 2013, you can use a 3rd party free software for creating the query, like U2U Caml Query Builder for SharePoint 2013 (Standalone Edition).

The final CAML query will have a structure similar to the following:

          <FieldRef Name="Title"/>
          <Value Type="Text">BindTuning</Value>
      <FieldRef Name="Title" Ascending="True" />

Make sure to copy your query after generating it, so you can use it later!

Mapping web part fields to query columns

Once the query is set, you can map certain web part settings to specific query columns, in order to retrieve data from this external data source.

Write the column name in double brackets, every time you want to map a web part setting that supports CAML.

e.g. {{Title}}

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