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Our themes include a Mega menu, which feature is not included in the default SharePoint sites and it needs at least 3 menu levels to work as a mega menu. By default, SharePoint displays the Global Navigation as Structural Navigation. Due to a limitation of the product, it only displays menus with 2 levels.

To get a menu with at least 3 levels you need to use the Managed Navigation, below is the steps to complete this configuration:

Note: The settings site just show 2 levels, in this sites the mega menu will not work.

SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2016/2013

  1. To accomplish the following steps you need the SharePoint designer
    Open your site with SharePoint designer
    • Farm solution: All files > _catalogs > master page
    • Sandbox solution: All files > _catalogs > master page > THEMENAME
  2. Check out and edit the master page you are using
  3. Locate
  4. Change the option from Style:"default" to Style:"MegaMenu"
  5. Save the master, check it in and if asked publish the major version
  6. Refresh your browser using CTRL + F5

SharePoint CSS Only

  1. Go to BindTuning Settings Page.
  2. Select the sectionHorizontal Menu.
  3. Choose Mega Menu in the Style option.
  4. Save the page properties.
  5. Refresh your browser using CTRL + F5
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