Lesson 2 | How to start using BindTuning Themes 

Easily customizable, BindTuning themes allow you to brand your intranet by changing basic SharePoint features, such as background, colors, fonts, footers, navigation etc. Start from one of the Themes in our Theme Gallery and use our online tool, The Builder, to make your own customizations with no code

Available CMS 

BindTuning themes are available for any SharePoint version available:

  • SharePoint Office 365
  • SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2016
Note: Some of the BindTuning Themes are available for other CMSs such as Orchard, Kentico, DNN or Umbraco. To get to know our offer on these CMSs please access to the next link.

What's included? 

BindTuning themes include:

  • Bootstrap v3.3.7
  • JQuery
  • FontAwesome v4.7

Bootstrap enables you to have fully responsive themes and JQuery allows you to use carousel slider, modals and more to take even more advantage of your themes. FontAwesome - a gallery of icons included in all themes - can be used on all pages. Depending on the theme, other icon galleries can be provided, such as Fabric.

How can I customize a theme? 

With BindTuning online Builder, you can brand your SharePoint in minutes with almost no code required. To know how to use the Builder please have a look at the next link.

How can I request a Theme Trial? 

To know more about how to request a trial theme for any SharePoint version, check next link.

How long will my Theme Trial last?

30 days from the day you download your theme. Automatic extensions of trial period are no longer available.

Can I share my Theme Customizations with my Team before Purchasing?

Yes! Read more at the next link.

Can I save my Theme Customizations to review later?

Yes! Read more at the next link.

How can I install a Theme?

After starting your Trial or Purchasing your Theme, check installation guides available for each CMS Version:

Why should I install Demo Content and how can I do it? 

Demo content enriches your user experience, allowing you to test your theme in an environment that is closer to reality. Instructions on how to install demo content available.

 What are the pricing and licensing options available to buy a Theme?

Themes are sold as one-off purchases - you buy a theme once and it is yours forever.
Know more about Pricing & Licensing.

How can I purchase a Theme for which I have previously requested a trial?

If your trial period has ended and you decide to purchase the theme, follow the instructions available the next link.

How can I use a License from a Theme Bundle to get a Theme?

If you have previously purchased a Theme Bundle you can use your licenses following the instructions available here.

Tips & Tricks on How to Enhance your BT Theme Experience

  1. Add a Custom Logo
  2. Edit Footer
  3. Improve Navigation
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