Update BindTuning Web Parts to the Licensed version

In order to update the BindTuning Web Parts to the Licensed version is required to replace the older Web Parts in the page. For that, we need to follow the steps below to avoid any issues in the future.

Update the Web Parts on Site

The initial step is to update the Web Part on your SharePoint Site and for that please follow the instructions below based on the installation(s) that you've done.

Add the Web Part to the page(s)

Now that the Web Parts are installed on the latest version, locate all the pages where you use web parts and do the following steps:

  1. Save the >Web Part properties from the old Web part;
  2. Remove the old Web Part from the page;
  3. Add the new Web Parts to the page;
  4. Redo the configurations in the new Web Part properties;
  5. Web Parts are updated.
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